Xstream Cheramic Line Clipper

Great for cutting your tippet. With needle for removing varnish etc. from fly eye.

Small pad for hook sharpening is on one side. Great tool.

Xstream magnetic Rodholder

 magnetic rod holder for the car. fishing rods often break when they are leaning against the car and suddenly there is a wind blowing them over. But with this magnetic rod holder you always have the order on the rods


Mesh Leader Wallet

A handy little wallet, that fits right into your pocket. Devided into seperate rooms, which makes it easy to store diffenrent leader types, such as poly leaders etc.

Xstream Stripping Basket

If you like to add some meters to your casting length, to reach just a little extra water, you will be home free with this one. The Xstream Stripping Basket, helps you controlling the line, when wading in strong current. Your running line will be free of the surface film, and therefore it will leave the basket, at a tremendous speed, which will increase your casting length with approximately 10-15%.

Due to low weight (only 460g) it is comfortable to wear, during long hours at your favorite waters.

XstreamFoldable Wading Stick

140 cm security when wading hard current. Comes with a neoprene cover for safe transport.

Made from top grade 7075 aluminum. Tube diameter is 16 mm. Equipped with elastic cord inside, to make it fast and easy to assemble.

Xstream Flybox

Made from a very durable plastic material that makes the flybox resistant to clashes, in case you should stumble and fall on rock, during your fly fishing trip. Inside equipped with slit foam for secure positioning of your flies.

The boxes are made total water tight, which also make them float. Thus, you won’t loose your fly collection, if you by accident should drop the box into the water. Xstream Flyboxes come in 2 sizes, medium and large.

Xstream UV Power Lamp, UV Pen Lamp and UV Zoom Lamp.

These lamps are perfect for hardening UV resins. Use them for wader repair, fly tying or fly line loops.

The Power Lamp comes with several  UV LED diodes, whereas the Pen  and  Zoom has only one. Choose the one, suitable for your needs.

Xstream VIEW Series

Xstream VIEW Sunglasses are supplied with gray, yellow or amber polarized lenses of very good quality. It also comes in two models with photo-chromatic lenses. The frame on these sunglasses has an incredibly good fit and keeps the sunlight out, effectively.

The optic filters lock out hazardous UV rays, protects the eye. The Polaroid lenses remove the white reflexes from the water, which makes it's easier to spot a fish below the surface.

Also try the models with photo-chromatic lenses that adjust their contrast (light/dark) according to the weather conditions! This gives a comfortable pair of sunglasses, even though the weather goes from sunny to cloudy. Highly recommended!

Xstream SHADE Series

Xstream SHADE Sunglasses are supplied with amber, gray or yellow polarized lenses of very good quality.

The optic filters lock out hazardous UV rays, protects the eye. The Polaroid lenses remove the white reflexes from the water, which makes it's easier to spot a fish below the surface.

Xstream GUIDE Grey

Xstream GUIDE Aluminum Model

Xstream GUIDE is the most exclusive model in the range of our polarized sunglasses. Made from aluminum, they are quite durable, and it gives the model a sophisticated touch.

For maximum comfort this model is equipped with nose pads of rubber.

The GUIDE model comes with yellow or grey, polarized lenses.

Xstream COVER Model

Xstream COVER is the model that satisfies the needs of people, who are depending on wearing their normal glasses all the time, and to whom, contact lenses isn’t an option.

Xstream COVER has a comfortable fit over nearly every pair of glasses, we have seen so far.

Of course, also with great polarized lenses, either grey or yellow.

Xstream GUIDE Yellow

Xstream REVO  Brown/Blue

           Xstream REVO Model

Xstream REVO Polaroid eyeglasses are the newest Xstream glasses.

The eyeglass is super light and follows the head so that no false light comes in. Revo is available in 2 new fresh colors with a light mirror reflective glass to avoid reflections from the waves.

Gray / Red is for sunshine weather

Brown Blue is for mixed weather conditions.

Xstream REVO Grey/Red

Xstream Focus +2,0 Polaroid sunglasses

Xstream FOCUS with +2,0

Genuine polarized fishing goggles for those who need to use reading glasses, or for those who want magnification. The glasses have a small area at the bottom that has +2,0 magnification. Then you do not have to switch to reading glasses, when tying a knot. They come in Amber only.