Running Lines


A Runningline For Every Preference

Coated Runningline

Floating coated running line in 30 meters length to use in conjunction with shooting heads. Pre looped for quick replacement of shooting heads. Xstream runningline is very smooth and has a thin diameter with a low stretch. Trouble free and comfortable fishing. Comes in 20 and 30 Lbs.


Monophilic runningline in 30 meters length for shooting heads. Very smooth and hard surface that gives minimal memory. Minimal friction in rod guides and when it leaves the water, makes this a first choice for the long casts. Comes in 20 Lbs. (0.40mm) and 30 Lbs. (0.60mm).


a flat monophilic runningline produced in Japan. It is relatively soft, easy to stretch and with little memory. This combination gives a more trouble-free cast, minimal friction, which generates a magnificent casting length! Available on 30-meter coils in three thicknesses – 25, 35 and 42 Lbs. (blue, yellow and red)