Leaders & Tippet


A Leader For Every Purpose


Polyleaders designed for both single- and doublehanded fly rods. A loop at the end makes it easy and fast to switch to the desired sinking rate. Xstream Polyleaders have adapted the length to the sinking rate for optimal presentation and precision. Polyleaders that feel like an extension of the flyline.

Xstream Polyleaders come in 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13 feet – depending on the sink rate, which run from Intermediate, through Fast Sinking to Super-Fast Sinking.


Xstream Tapered CoPolymer leaders are hi-tech fly leaders, manufactured in Japan. By mixing the CoPolymer in a special way, very favorable properties are added that provide good materials. Xstream CoPolymer has extremely good durability, low memory and high knot strength. The color is crystal clear for minimum visibility. These tapered flyleaders come in 2 different lengths - 9' and 12'. Also the tippet diameter varies from 0,13mm to 0,42mm.


Xstream Costum leaders are a smart trap system with 5 tapered leaders on a coil so you always have it on your pocket, the advantage of the actual catcher is that you can adjust your catcher according to the size of the fly you have to apply to the trap. For every 6 m on the coil, the line is taped from 0.60-0.20mm


Has all the same good features as the CoPolymer Flyleaders, but has a level diameter, and comes on spools of 25 meters. You can have diameters from 0,14 to 0,57 mm. That gives you the opportunity to tyeand taper your own leaders, if you like that. Anyway, you will find a tippet size for your Poly leaders here.


This is Japanese high-quality fluorocarbon. Xstream fluorocarbon is virtually invisible under water! Fluorocarbon has a slightly lower fracture strength than the Copolymer, but takes it back, due to the hard surface that can withstand fishing teeth and stone.

It’s always a good idea to use fluorocarbon as tippet material. Remember, if you see the line, the fish definitely does too.